Latest Update

March 12, 2018

MDTL Managers:

Several notes of interest –

First of all – CONGRATULATIONS to Pat Freaney and the Providence Grays on their World Series Victory over East Coast !!!!

Secondly – once again the draft was an awesome fun day. Thanks to Howard for hosting us again. Howard you are an awesome asset to our league.

Thirdly – thanks to Mike McClurg Jr. for the outstanding job he does as our commissioner. The best ;leagues are only as good as the commissioner and our league is the best.

Lastly – please be patient as I fumble through the learning process of updating our web site. Terry – I miss you ūüôā I hope to have the instructions, autoscore, and draft info updated this week.



November 11. 2017

2018 Convention Date Is Set

The 2018 convention – draft – World Series will be held February 24, 2018 at 1:00 EST at Howard Frey’s home. If interested in attending dinner the night before please contact Mike McClurg.

November 10. 2017

Welcome New Managers !!!
Phil Priewe ¬†¬† —¬† Reno Brewers

Bryan Cleveland¬†¬† — Mudville Wardogs

Rob Priewe¬†¬† — P-Town Axemen



February 27, 2017

Well, the convention is over and a new MDTL champion has been crowned. Congratulations to the Hampton Wizards on their win. ¬†Good season Steve!¬†I’ve started adding files to the webpage, including instructions as they come out. Please let me know as you see errors.

WORLD SERIES #44 –¬†Hampton vs East Coast –¬†EC¬†came up a little short trying to go back-to-back as HW wins this 6 game battle. ¬†Congratulations to Steve for his 1st MDTL Championship!!